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The IDB hired Jorge Martínez to evaluate the impact of the new public procurement policy adopted by the Bank in Haiti after the earthquake of 2010, a work that also required French and English. As a supervisory team we were very satisfied with Jorge’s analytical skills, his knowledge of the Bank’s procurement policies, his experience with implementation problems in developing countries and his rapid adaptation to the complex situation in Haiti.

René HerreraProcurement Group Head for the Caribbean Region, Inter-American Development Bank

The World Bank has worked with Jorge Martínez and Julián Laski for several years in areas associated with internal control and risk management in the Dominican Republic. We are very satisfied for their contribution to improving the transparency and efficiency of Dominican public institutions and for having government officials and auditors understand and apply the principles of the COSO model.

Maritza RodríguezSenior Financial Management Specialist, Governance, World Bank

As a communications team in Chile of the main European astronomical organization we handle very diverse projects, in both English and Spanish. Thanks to the bilingual courses offered by Jorge Martínez (in Project Management) and José Caraball (in Time Management), our team obtained useful and practical tools that allowed to make the processes more efficient and improve the results.

Olivier HainautSupervisor of the ESO Communications Team in Chile

“We worked for 1 year with Jorge Martínez (project manager), Javier Martínez (expert in knowledge management), Ezequiel Beneit (expert in creative thinking) and a group of experts in design thinking to implement an innovation management system in the Superintendence of Electricity and Fuels. The result surpassed our expectations, we managed managers and employees from different areas, even regions, to work together in this collaborative experience that allowed us to get fresh ideas and generate prototypes, many of which are already in the implementation phase. We broke the paradigm that ideas can only come from above and generate a major cultural change.

Jaime GonzálezHead of Standards and Studies, Superintendence of Electricity and Fuels, Chile

For ESVAL and Aguas del Valle (private water and sanitation companies in the IV and V Region of Chile) knowledge management is a strategic objective, as well as a normative requirement (2015 version of ISO 9001) that our organization must implement. We held the workshop on the Knowledge Management with the participation of 40 people including the General Manager, Managers and sub-managers of both companies. The experience of conducting the workshop allowed us to empirically demonstrate to the entire executive team how to manage knowledge impacts in concrete and measurable results. After this workshop, knowledge management is already in our day-to-day conversations.

Liliana ParadaDeputy Manager of Strategic Planning and Risks, ESVAL and Aguas del Valle, Chile

We have Jorge Martínez as one of our auditors of ISO 9001 certification since 2005, having participated in certification processes of more than 50 companies from many different sectors. Through his training and his experience, Jorge brings a very interesting and integral approach to auditing, which presents an added value for our clients.

Cristián MasperoGeneral Manager, IRAM Chile