In a world that changes dramatically, both public and private organizations are under increasing pressure. Its results are not expected because: the business model changes; Because their survival is threatened and need to innovate, renew or differentiate; Because they need greater efficiency in their management; Or because they need closeness and orientation to the client or the citizen.

Based on our experience there is no management system that by nature is better than another, the difference lies in the degree of conviction and commitment that exists for its implementation. Aspects that most often involve an organizational cultural change, a complex and threatening challenge for people who, by nature, are reluctant to change.

In Knowledge Works we help organizations improve their management through various methodologies and tools associated with knowledge management, risk management, innovation management, and quality management.

Several of these methodologies are recognized as good management practices in the new version of ISO 9001 of 2015 for the implementation of quality management systems.


Our Goal

Build more efficient and dynamic organizations, focused on achieving their goals to generate greater value to their stakeholders.

Our Seal

Accompany and guide organizations in achieving management commitment with the selected methodology, and facilitate change Within the organization through the use of useful management tools, and practical and applicable solutions .