Do you think that knowledge is an asset that must be managed? Do you think that knowledge management can generate significant operational savings? Is there an environment in your organization open enough to talk openly about mistakes made by employees or executives to learn from them? Does it have critical knowledge transfer schemes so that in the event of staff disengagement, the knowledge is maintained in the organization? Are there people, teams, offices or agencies that do the same type of work, but some still perform better than others? Do you think that managing knowledge improves results and helps manage risks, so it increases the value added of organizations?

For us knowledge management is a key element of management in organizations, as well as physical assets, people or finance. Today’s organizations, obsessed with producing and executing, are often forgetful of the enormous value of knowledge that every day enters and leaves the door, and that in a high percentage is never documented or systematized. In Knowledge Works we believe that knowledge and its management are critical for organizations of the future, that collaborating can advance more and better, and that error is an endless source of individual and group learning that must be incorporated into organizational design to increase Corporate efficiency.
We support the organizations that decide to manage their knowledge through the following services

  • Practical workshop on knowledge management: The Island of the Birds
  • Knowledge Management Diagnostics
  • Critical Knowledge Maps
  • Models and strategies of knowledge management
  • Raising Lessons Learned
  • Design knowledge repositories
  • Knowledge management processes: Retrospective workshops, creation of knowledge assets, storytelling and case studies
  • Knowledge Retention Programs
  • Collaboration and knowledge transfer: launching and revitalizing communities of practice