Does your organization have formal instances so that its employees can generate and channel ideas that affect processes, products / services or in the business model itself? Is your business model threatened by ever-lower margins, little product / service differentiation, or new ways of delivering the same solution? Is your innovation process systematized? Is innovation part of your organizational culture? Have you thought or introduced radical changes in process, product or business model in your organization? Have you considered the possibility of involving external sources in the innovation process through open innovation? Do you know that the companies that innovated in their business model obtained greater growth in their operating margin over a period of 5 years than their competitors who only innovated in their processes or products?

Innovation is vital for any organization, and the individuals that compose it, to maintain an adequate level of adaptation to the continuous change that surrounds us. For us, innovation is compatible with execution, but needs its space, its time, its time and its method. We consider that the ideas need multidisciplinary and low hierarchical environments to germinate, and that all can and should contribute from their own experience and knowledge. Organizations that decide to incorporate innovation as a work methodology not only increase the motivation and commitment of their workers but also improve the capacity of collaboration between people and teams, generating more open, dynamic and successful organizations.

We support organizations that decide to manage innovation through the following services:

  • Innovation of product, process or business model;
  • Implementation of the innovation management system through design thinking;
  • Workshops on creative thinking;
  • Prototyping workshops;
  • Workshops with Lego Serious Play to generate common visions, to get ideas, to plan, to solve problems.