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Innovation: Part of human nature

By José Luis Álvarez The question about innovation in organizations and companies can be divided into two broad areas. On the one hand, there is the long-term theoretical development that is in the political-ideological area. In contrast, there is a more practical and direct aspect that is in the political-economic area. When we talk about […]

Avoid your Atlantis and the loss of knowledge

By José Luis Álvarez and Jorge Martínez One of the most fascinating historical myths is the existence of Atlantis. According to mythology, more than ten thousand years before our time, there existed a people who lived in an island where a high level of development was achieved, in the art of war, in the intellectual, […]

The risk of not managing risks

By Julián Laski A couple of years ago, I was faced with the challenge of carrying out the audit of an important Latin American public entity. When I say “important”, I mean the size of the institution, its strategic nature and the volume of its operations, with a number of resources – financial, human and […]

When the controls impose to concrete a business

By Julián Laski A few weeks ago I received, like many other times, a call from the call center of an important and well-known commercial bank, through which I was offered a credit card. While I do not usually be interested in these types of proposals, where the “small print” usually hides a trap (and […]

World Bank meets in Santiago Governments and development Institutions to impulse a collaborative community that systems experiences in the implementation of reforms

Between January 11 and 13, we participated in a workshop organized in Santiago, Chile, by the Global Delivery Initiative (GDI) of the World Bank called “Learning, Iterating and Adapting to Achieve Results”, among others, the IDB, ECLAC, USAID, GIZ, AECID and representatives of the governments of Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, Argentina and China. The GDI is […]